Monday, March 15, 2010

Lambing, 2010!

We've started our 2010 lambing season well, with TWO sets of twins!

Yesterday morning, Nate went out to feed the animals. I was poking around in the chicken coop and I heard him say, "Sarah!! We have two lambs!". Of course, it had snowed about 4 inches the night before and we weren't expecting lambs til the following weekend, so we weren't prepared.


Margie, my favorite ewe had delivered a ram lamb and a ewe lamb. The little ewe lamb was shivering in the snow, the ram lamb was up and running around. We rushed around and put some dry hay in a pen in the barn. Moved the lambs in there, then moved Margie in there. The little brown reverse badger marked ewe lamb was still shivering, so we got out the hair dryer and dryed her off and warmed her up and put her under a blanket. About half an hour later she was still shivering and we weren't sure that she'd had any colostrum yet. You want to see that they get some within an hour of birth. So, we pulled out the bag of faux-colostrum mix, mixed up 4 oz, and gave it to her. She perked right up and looked for more. Within the next half an hour she was nursing on mom. Whew!

This morning, we go out to feed the animals. Only four of the five ewes were at the hay...and the llama was looking nervously into a corner of one of the stalls. We walked around the corner to see Shirley and a lamb, already standing up. She appeared to be laboring still, pawing the ground. We prepped another stall with warm dry ground and lots of fresh hay and by the time we were done, another lamb! Two ewe lambs! We moved the little ones and mom into the stall, both lambs were up looking to nurse, mom licking them both.


I stopped home at lunch, to check on today's ewe lambs and Shirley, they were warm, in the sun, full bellies.

Isabel enjoyed meeting the lambs yesterday:



Now, I can only hope that the other four ewes do as well! Wondering what tomorrow morning will bring?

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At 5:38 PM, Blogger Bezzie said...

Congrats!!! I hope you post more pics as they get older. But I'll understand if you don't b/c you're too busy "lambing" yourself! LOL!

At 7:53 AM, Blogger knottygnome said...

aww, baby lambs are so cute!

At 8:57 AM, Blogger Mag said...

Absolutely wonderful!


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