Monday, October 12, 2009

Whew! Those months went FAST.

This one:


is great (the little purple jacket I knit before she was born fits this year!).

Walking all over, talking up a storm, obsessed with her shoes and kitties. Very fun.

Spent most of the last couple months in a crazy busy phase with work (field work again), also our "second jobs" collecting the pollen and hornets, and trying to harvest the garden stuff and get it all put up for winter.

I'm hoping that things are settling down now and I'll have time to spin and knit a bit this winter. I miss it! I need to knit Isabel some longies, I want some more fingerless gloves, I have at least one New Baby to knit something for...

Some of the recent harvest, winter squashes and tomatoes and things (picked before the frost!):