Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kitties for Birthday Baby

My little Isabel, you're ONE!

You loved your cake. You took your first steps on your birthday, from Dad to Mama, reaching for your new book.


I knit you a pair of little kitties, to go along with your first word, "kitteee", that you say in your little tiny voice.



I think these ones won't mind so much if you pull their tails.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Babybel's Boheme

Ah, see, I said there would be baby knitting coming up! On the eve of Isabel's first birthday (I know, already? Where did the year go?), Boheme for my Babybel:


Yarn: Jo Sharp classic DK wool in orange-red. Buttons: Vintage yellow ones that I picked up at a yarn store a while back.


Pattern: Boheme (Ravelry linky). Needles: US 6. Size: 18 months (hoping she can wear it over a longsleeve onesie this winter).


Verdict: Great little pattern! I'd knit this again, no questions asked. Easy, NO seams, cute. I modified it by adding a 6 stitch garter edge on the button and buttonhole edges so it wouldn't curl and adding an 8 row garter stitch edge along the bottom too. I think I also knit it a bit shorter than called for.

So, no real birthday plans for her tomorrow. I do need to get a cake or something though so we have the cake face pics :).

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