Friday, March 06, 2009

Seven Months of Isabel

So, my Be a Better Blogger resolution has only been so-so. I mean, I have knitted things to take pictures of, owe you guys a microfarm update, all that. But really, Isabel is the best thing I could ever have to take pictures of. She's like my photo trump card. Eventually I will catch up on the knit-spin-farm pics. But, til then, behbeh.

So, A photo-essay, Isabel at 7 months:

1. Beautiful Mrs. Dashwood hat that Cordelia knit for her. Hmmm, I think I'll try it out it might be perfect for the upcoming FL trip.


2. Baby pulls on hat. Baby tips self over.


3. Baby fake-cry-fusses for like 3 seconds.


4. Baby pulls hat over face.


5. Win! Baby sucessfully pulls hat off! Mom wonders how much sunscreen she'll have to apply to fuzzy little head.


Cute little tee is from the wonderful Bezzie and Cordelia also sent the green soaker.