Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SO! Life, eh?

It kind of takes me away from blogging, though I do want to return to it.

Isabel is great. Three months and a week now. She babbles, rolls over (both ways!), and is more fun every day now that she's interactive.


She mostly looks about like this, inquisitive, skeptical, curious.

She often looks like this:


But generally not for too long. We return to this:


pretty quickly normally.

I've been trying to knit a bit here and there, spin too. But definitely not as much as before baby.

We had a good first Halloween:


I knit Nate a hat with wool I spun from our sheep Florence,


finished a scarf,


knit another pair of baby leggings, a pair of baby socks, started a new pair of grownup socks, spun more Florence fluff to knit a sweater, and hmmm, seamed a long lingering cardigan.

That's about it, really!

Now, to catch up on all the blogs I used to read....sorry guys for not commenting and reading lately. I really intend to get back to it!