Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rainbow Baby Leggies

Isabel's latest styling handknit:


Yep, little leggings/legwarmers knit with Opal Rainbow sock yarn. I basically used this pattern, but didn't put the ribbing at the top.

Quick little cute knit, makes it super easy to change a diaper, but still keep legs warm.

I'll be knitting more of these for the winter I think, this is my speed of knitting right now.

Monday, September 08, 2008

One Month.

Well, one month and a few days. But I've been a mom for a bit more than a month. So far its been good. Hard sometimes, all new, and good mostly. I'm not going to get all philosophical about motherhood yet :). Isabel has grown a lot already I feel like!

This morning:


Its getting chilly in the nights and mornings now. So she's wearing a sweater my friend Guro in Norway knitted for her. Perfect! Fall is coming, I'm getting really happy that Isabel is going to be the Warmest Baby in New Mexico with all the beautiful handknits.

She's still sleeping a good amount during the days:


I think it must be tiring being a baby, everything new and stimulating. So much to take in!

In little Koigu shoes that Laura made:


I did finish a pair of socks I started after Isabel was born! Trekking, mmm. Then, started a matching pair for her in the leftovers. This baby is going to need lots of handknit wool socks to get her through the winter I think!

I'm being horrible at commenting right now on everyone else's blogs. I'm reading, trying to keep up, but commenting is one of the things that is falling by the wayside right now with the baby and all. Oh! I almost forgot...if you get Spin Off magazine, or get a chance to look at the new Fall 2008 issue, check out my Baby Surprise Jacket that's in there!