Friday, May 16, 2008

May Bobbins

So, we sheared the sheep last weekend, so what's a spinner to do. Why, save locks that aren't good enough to send in with the whole fleece, but not bad enough to toss when skirting, wash em up, flick card em, and test spin her sheepies! (I hereby also give Valerie and my Shawl Knitting Motivation crew permission to yell--sorry!).

So, this bobbin is my sheep. The black on top is Eliza. The grays are other ewes and possibly a bit of Fred. I'm loving spinning a multicolored yarn from them. I'm planning on Navajo plying it and possibly submitting it for the handspun yarn competition at Pagosa Fiber Festival over Memorial Day.

This pinky-teal-purpley stuff is 50% merino/50 % silk top, dyed by the people at Blue Moon Fiber Arts I skipped the STR and bought stuff to spin). This is a fine single, the final yarn will be a 2-ply laceweight, so of course its taking forever to spin. I have 6 oz, and I'm pretty sure this bobbin has less than 2 on it.

Oh, that green stuff? 100% silk. Also laceweight. Also been on the bobbin forever. I should finish that one day too. As you can see, we're fully green here now. So nice. Green like unfinished silk.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Updates around the Microfarm

Well, the last of our (animal) babies have been born for the year. We ended up with 5 lambs, 2 kids, 6 chicks, and 4 turkey poults. This little kid was born to Bjork on Sunday (Bjork is the white-gray goat in the third pic down, not the one in the pic below).

"Hi Fred! Hi!"

"Sniff sniff sniff...mmmm baby goat so cute I want to play with her!"

I think the sheep are naturally better moms than these guys are. Not sure if its the breeds of sheep and goats I have, or what, but with the ewes, I didn't even worry about the lambs at all, they were all up and nursing within 30 minutes. It seemed to take until the next day for me to see the little kids nursing both times!

Speaking of lambs, look how big these guys are getting! The little black guy was born about a month after the big white guy on the left there. They're all doing well and growing.

The sheep were sheared this past weekend. I have fleece. Lots of it! Of course, I need to work on skirting and making sure they're all perfect before sending some out to get processed.

In the knitting department, well, I picked up a long-lingering pair of socks that I'm working on in the car and at home I'm working on the shawl for Lisa's wedding. I really need to finish that! Spinning, some laceweight merino-silk dyed by Blue Moon Fiber Arts, but oy, 6 oz of laceweight is taking forever. So, I also washed up some of the locks from my girls, and flick a few out and spin some Sarah's CVM singles here and there too. Mostly though, Spring chores really seem to have been taking up most of my time lately. Ah, the life of a working microfarmer.