Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Handspun

Spunky Eclectic, March 2008 Fiber Club selection, "Mud Season". Merino top, 2-plied.

Again, I'm loving the fiber club idea! Not necessarily colors I would have picked out for myself, but I can't help but love the final yarn.

I spun this yarn fairly thin as singles, but interestingly, it really shortened in length, and widened in girth when I washed it. A full 25% of the original length was transformed into extra poof. Originally, this looked like a laceweight (albeit, on the heavier side) 2-ply. Washed, it definitely falls into the fingering weight category.

110g/3.9 oz, 304 yds. Spun more of a short draw technique, then 2-plied back on itself from a center pull ball.

Now, click on over to the House of Wool Repute for the pics of our new fiber pets...you won't be sorry!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Spinning

Hello Yarn's Adrian dyes some nice fiber, I have to say. Take a look at this:

From 8 oz. of "Red Velvet" dyed Shetland top, I spun two bobbins and plied them together. A standard 2-ply, the final yarn is a heavy worsted or Aran weight, I'm guessing around 400 yds total.

People talk about felted roving, and stuff that needs preparation to spin, well. This was SO easy to spin from the thick hunk of top, it is what I would call a perfectly prepared ready to spin fiber. Thanks Adrian!

Definitely needs to be something for the baby, don't you think?

Things around the microfarm are doing well, I watched Eliza have her lamb this morning. Another healthy, cute little ram lamb! (I'll put some pics on the House of Wool Repute blog I think...) the eggs are in the incubator, and the grass is greening up.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Handspun Milan Baby Jacket

Ah yes, the baby knitting continues. Except this one is more like a toddler jacket. Knit again, from the pattern in Natural Knits for Babies and Moms by Louisa Harding, the Milan Jacket pattern.

Knit with a 2-ply worsted weight handspun Corriedale wool yarn that I spun a while back...hmmm, Here.

I knit the largest size (18 months) in the book thinking that the little one can get more wear out of it this way. (Oh, the sleeves really are the same length, I just folded them in oddly).

I picked up the green toggle buttons on the trip to MI, at the Artisan Knitworks store, vintage plastic and cute!

I'm really enjoying the baby knitting. In fact, I'm not sure what to cast on next. Something for mindless baby knitting, to take places I think. Because home knitting now really, really needs to be Lisa's wedding shawl until I finish that, before I know it, we'll be heading to MI again.

Things are greening up for Spring here. I love it. I might even have tulips in a week or so...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pretty Pinky Purple Polwarth

It had been a while since I'd sat down with the wheel and some wool, so a couple of nights ago I pulled out the dyed Polwarth sliver that I picked up at Birkeland Brothers in Vancouver.

I love the softness of the Polwarth, it makes me happy I bought a pound of undyed to play with.

The purple dye on this batch wasn't exhausted, after a wash in Eucalan, the wash water was so purple, I had to do a vinegar rinse. Now it seems set. I Navajo plied the single and ended up with a nice worsted weight yarn.

Of course, I did buy the roving with the intent of knitting something for the baby with it, pinks and purples...

Oh yeah, that white stuff, a dusting of snow! Yep, even though the grass is greening up nicely, and the tulips are poking out of the ground, the white is still falling. It was practically a blizzard on my drive to Durango yesterday!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So, you thought the baby goat was cute?

How about our first lamb? We were thinking that April 10th would be the target date for lambing, and this little guy was born yesterday, the 7th, sometime between my leaving for work, and my coming home.

I came home, changed and went out to do the animal chores, and saw this! A little wriggling lamb tail from underneath mom Florence as he nursed! Mom and baby are doing great.

He looks SO much like her, his markings on his face, the dark color underneath, all just like mom. Florence is pretty dark, hard to tell, but when you part her wool, it really is mostly a dark, rich gray to charcoal. CVM sheep darken from birth to age 1, so this little guy could darken up a lot.

"Oooh, look, is that a playmate! No, just shadow."

I'm really hoping that the other 4 ewes lamb just as easily, and that the lambs are healthy, strong, and that moms are natural at being moms. It makes me feel pretty good about this whole birth thing, you know?

So, what will the rest of the week have in store for us?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Handspun Baby Dress

Ah, well, I'm back from our trip to Vancouver. What a nice city! Apart from the weather (snowy and cold) and the puking on the tiny commuter plane (thanks baby and turbulence), it was a really nice trip. My papers for the professional conference went very well, we ate a ton of great food, and had a relaxing time together.


I finished knitting this little baby dress (the pattern is the Amelie Dress from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms by Louisa Harding). I knit the second largest size, and only modified the colors. I knit the edgings in the contrasting cream, omitted the stripe, and didn't add little flower thingies.

Button detail:

I met up with Cordelia and her lovely little girl Anna in Vancouver, and we had lunch at the market on Granville Island. I picked up these handcarved buttons there at a little shop we stopped at.


I already started knitting a little stripey crew neck sweater from the same book, also in handspun yarn. This baby sure is the best handspun stash-buster of all time!

Back detail:

The main yarn is a combination of two handdyed rovings, one that Angela on Fair Isle dyed and sent me in a secret pal swap, the other one that I picked up at a local fiber festival. I plied the two singles together, and ended up with a yarn I liked, but had no idea how it would knit up. I think it turned out really well in the finished dress!

Subtle striping, yet random. The small size of the dress makes the stripes a bit wider, too. Yet another reason to keep knitting up the handspun yarn.