Friday, February 29, 2008

What? Really?

Is that something with actual knitted stitches peeking out of that little bag there?

Yes, yes it is. Knitted baby socks! While my knitting productivity has definitely slowed down lately, baby socks made from sock leftovers are the perfect quick project right now. Simple, fun, adorable, and hopefully practical one day.

These ones are made with the leftovers from my Yarn Pirate Crocus yarn. And dang, if the way the lavender and green stripes are lining up isn't about the cutest baby sock ever, I don't know what is!

These two pairs (tiny, and slightly bigger so that no matter what size this baby comes out there is a pair awaiting) are from Trekking XXL 100, one of my all time favorite sock colorways (in fact, they're on my feet right now).

I'm not really into matchy-matchy clothes, like mom and daughter dresses, or dressing your kids alike. But baby having the same socks as me? I do think that's kind of cute.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Coopworth with Sari Silk Threads

Not only did the lovely Lesley (thomasina on boards etc.) send me the coolest socks ever for our sock swap, but she sent me my most favorite thing in the world (apart from cheese) to get in the mail, fluff!

Dyed purple Coopworth wool (94%) blended into a roving with Silk Sari threads (6%). After I opened the box, put on the socks, and marveled at them, I picked this ball of roving up and was mighty impressed.

I had never seen such a thing! So pretty, so glowing with colored threads among the purples. I spun it the next day.

Nice. Tweedy in a Baroque excess sort of way I think.

Two skeins, about 8 oz, DK weight. Love it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Baby Goat!

Spring is starting to arrive, despite the recent snow (at least it melts)!

Joanie had this little one yesterday. A beautiful black doe with little white spots. So cute.

We warmed her up with some towels and a blowdryer, then watched what mom would do. Mom was pretty good about licking her all over, responding to her bleats with a mom call, and even nudging her towards the udder.

Of course, did we see her nurse yesterday? No. We saw her frantically looking for a nipple, and bleat. We even spent about an hour in the pen with them, showing her the nipple, feeding her colostrum, and getting frustrated.

Nate and I both slept bad last night, hoping we'd wake up to a living baby goat. We did! And...she was nursing.


What a cutie. I wish I was home now to watch.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Ahhhh, our house is looking like a house again! The living room (love love love the new rug):

The kitchen (yes I know there is still a mitre saw and assorted junk on one of the counters):

But, we finished the flooring in the main part of the house!

Oh, and its snowing again. Heh. Of course it is.

So, this weekend, we finish the flooring. All we have left is the laundry room above, and 3 little closets! Can't. Wait.

And, my other update, I had a midwife appointment yesterday, 17 weeks now, wow. The little one has a strong heartbeat, 160 beats a minute! I'm just where I should be. Now, if they'd only call me back with that next appointment date, so I can figure out when we get "the big ultrasound"!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

House In Progress, the big WIP of the year so far

Ok, here we go, some pics that show one of the reasons I haven't been posting as much so far this year. The house!

New paint, new light fixtures, new floor. Floor in progress, paint done except for new nice wide baseboards and trim/touch ups, and new light fixtures in.

Looking from the inside of the living room towards the front door, entry way, and kitchen.

Painted laundry room, two shades of green. We also installed the cabinet, and removed some hideous old open shelving units that collected dust and displayed clutter.

Looking into the living room, flooring in here is done!

A detail of the flooring we're putting in, "Georgia Pecan" laminate (Pergo-type) stuff. This stuff is really cool. The way it locks in and locks together. Great wear, durability, and resiliance too.

Now...if we can only finish it all!

(hee, and you thought the biggest WIP of the year was the baby. I suppose you're right. But no pics of that one yet!)

Friday, February 01, 2008

Ahh, Real Live Yarn!

I told you I'd put up some real fibery action soon! Some of the latest January spinning. This is from a big ball of roving I bought in Michigan over the holidays. A roving that was definitely wider, more like a drum carded batt, 80% Coopworth wool, and 20% silk (mostly the little black nubs/noils, but also some of the brighter blue/yellow streaks I think).

I went yarn store hopping with Gretchen for a morning, and we went to a totally cool new yarn shop in Grosse Point, called Artisan Knitworks. The shop is pretty much like a fiber festival in a yarn store. All they sell is small, hand dyed or hand spun yarns, made both locally, and from all over the USA. Pricey, of course. But really nice!

This yarn is a good worsted weight yarn, about 8 oz total. Should be enough for something nice, and maybe cabled?

(See what I mean about waiting for light? I'm still waiting, sun...)

Happy weekend to all!