Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bad blogger, I know.

Yes, I still haven't take pictures of my WIP's, or my spinning lately. I will, as soon as I get a nice sunny morning without a layer of ice to have to drive into work on.

We had a freak storm last night, dumped about 3 inches of snow in an hour, along with wind up to 75 miles an hour, and thunder and lightening. Nate was stuck at the bottom of the road up to our house waiting, and didn't get home until 10:30 last night.

The mountains are beautifully snowy still. The snowpack is at 150% of normal, or more now, I believe that was the total before the last 30 inches of snow...

If it warms too fast this Spring, we'll have to watch the rivers for approaching flood stages again like they did a few years back.

The animals continue to do well. They're pretty cute in the mornings, waiting for me to bring them hay, frost and snow on the their fleece. I'm already getting excited about that fleece too. Mmm, I can see the crimp on Florence, nice.

Tele cat follows me around in the mornings as I check and feed the animals. I love his little face, and his happiness as he bounces through the snow.

And, ugh, the roads.

It wouldn't be half bad if it would either stay cold and the snow wouldn't get the opportunity to melt, or if it stayed warm, and it would all melt.

But the inch thick layer of ice underneath a thin layer of blowing snow? Makes for a long 20 mile drive into town.

So, still spinning, knitting, and mostly lately, re-doing the house. We've already painted the main floor (kitchen, dining, living, laundry, hall) and replaced all the light fixtures, next is new flooring then trim painting and new baseboards. I'll post pics when we get done.

So far, the baby seems well! I went to the midwife appointment last week, and we heard the heart beating strong.

So, more pics and some actual fiber content soon :).

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Taking the Yarn (oh, and doggies) for a walk

A nice day, sun out, snow melting slowly, and laundry sorted, so we decided to take a little walk up in the hills. The light was nice, so I took the opportunity to take this week's handspun out for a stroll too.

The two colorful skeins are Spunky Eclectic superwash Corriedale in "Party Dress", two 2 oz. skeins. Baby knitting? The gray is 4 oz. of Icelandic-Silk that I picked up at Rhinebeck.

This is about a sport weight, I'm thinking a cute little baby kimono with matching socks or booties.

No plans for the gray yet, but it might make something nice for a gift next Christmas.

It was fun to see all the animal tracks in the snow, mice, bunnies, deer, and I'm pretty sure, a mountain lion (I took pics, I need to dig up some comparative data).

Now, I should really spin all the things lingering on bobbins, eh? Silk, and baby Suri alpaca, and some merino-silk blend. But. Its all fine laceweight and takes forever, and with the snow and winter I want color and something fast.

So, I have a nice Coopworth-silk blend, or a Merino-silk blend, which one, which one...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ok, I'm back!

Ah, back home. Kitties are dang glad, doggies too. Sheepies, goats, llama, and chickens are fine I think as long as the food train keeps delivering every day.

The trips were good, we went to Michigan to visit Nate's family for Christmas and had a nice time. I only ended up knitting three Christmas gifts this year, and they were well received.

A scarf for Nate's grandma:


Endpaper Mitts for Nate's sister Lisa:


And a scarf for Nate's sister Sarah:


Handknitted items are always a hit in Michigan in the winter.

From Michigan, we headed to the Yucatan in Mexico for 8 days and had a wonderful trip. We stayed in a little bed and breakfast in the jungle run by a cool couple that have a non-profit organization that helps local Mayan women, snorkeled at a marine national park, birded, went to awesome ruins, and ate some dang good food. I'll post a few posts of the Mexico trip later! For now, glad to be back.


Big news! I'm 11 weeks pregnant today. This baby so far is great, we saw him/her the other evening, moving around already with little arms and legs, and a strong heartbeat. Next appointment is in a couple of weeks with a regular OB office, I've graduated from the specialist Dr.!