Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Coopworth with Sari Silk Threads

Not only did the lovely Lesley (thomasina on boards etc.) send me the coolest socks ever for our sock swap, but she sent me my most favorite thing in the world (apart from cheese) to get in the mail, fluff!

Dyed purple Coopworth wool (94%) blended into a roving with Silk Sari threads (6%). After I opened the box, put on the socks, and marveled at them, I picked this ball of roving up and was mighty impressed.

I had never seen such a thing! So pretty, so glowing with colored threads among the purples. I spun it the next day.

Nice. Tweedy in a Baroque excess sort of way I think.

Two skeins, about 8 oz, DK weight. Love it.


At 10:30 AM, Blogger Trillian42 said...


At 11:59 AM, Blogger Bezzie said...

Oh my! It's beautiful! (And your sun is back!)

At 11:59 AM, Blogger Sharon said...

It's absolutely stunning!

At 9:14 PM, Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

Oh wow. That's freakin' GORGEOUS!

At 7:02 AM, Blogger Carolyn said...

Ooh, that is SO pretty!

At 9:17 AM, Blogger Magatha said...


Hey, do you know the difference in softness between 'Shetland' and merino. I understand merino, I speak it fluently, but I don't speak Shetland. (I am trying to decide between a mail order shetland lace or merino.)

If you can answer, here's my email


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