Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy, Happy, Happy

Holidays to Ewe!

Merry, Merry Christmas to all!

Happy, Happy New Year!

I'll be back blogging en force in 2008, but for now I'm off for the holidays.

Christmas with Nate's family, then a week in Mexico, then back home.

Considering the Picture a Day in 2008 challenge to get to know my new camera better, and to try taking pics of more than just my animals, yarn, and knitting.

Oh, and....if all goes well...we should be expecting a new family member in 2008! Midsummer arrival.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, and am looking forward to re-invigorating the old blog with more posts in 2008.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Busy life, Slow blog.

Busy with things like holiday parties, and organizing to go away for a couple of weeks. Busy with the normal little things of life which seem to take longer when its cold out. Busy with knitting I can't share here yet!

This, however is to be the gift for the holiday gift exchange with my spinning guild, and will go to its new home tonight at the dinner.

Morehouse Merino, Sizzler scarf kit. Purples. A pretty quick knit, 2 TV watching nights or so. The only thing, is it gets annoying to knit laceweight yarn on size 11 needles!

I have a couple more things finished, ready to give away, and a few things that still need finishing by Christmas.

Oh! We changed our Christmas trip! We were planning on going to Mexico City (after MI for the actual holidays), but we changed it to fly to Cancun and spend the trip in the Yucatan. Anyone have any good Yucatan suggestions (that don't involve Cancun itself or anywhere else resort-y)?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Wool is Warm.

So warm in fact, that the wool is freezing on their backs right now. We got a lot of rain over the weekend. And, they like to stand out in it. So, they get wet. Then, at night it freezes, and in the morning, I have sparkly sheep.

This is Eliza, the Chocolate colored ewe's coat. Amazing that they have all that body heat, and it won't penetrate the wool enough to melt the frost.

They still come up to me with warm noses, and snuzzle my hand for grain, breath clouding in the cold air. This is Marjorie's downy coat. It didn't split into locks like Eliza, but turned into a carpet of ice crystals.

I wonder if they even know they're frosted?

I know where wool comes from, and I like it. I like that it gets wet, frozen, dirty, hay-filled, and petted before I'll spin it.