Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Shetland-Icelandic-Cormo Handspun

I traded with Valerie back in the Fall, I sent her some Taos fiber, she picked something from Rhinebeck. I sent her alpaca-silk, and she sent me this Shetland-Icelandic-Cormo blend.

Navajo-plied, 8 oz., two good sized skeins of worsted weight yarn.

Lovely, lovely color. Texture is pretty much Lopi-esque. It's interesting, while spinning it, I could tell when I hit a little fluffy bit of unblended Shetland or Cormo, and where it was blended with the Thel of the Icelandic, which gives it the Lopi-texture and the hairy factor

Very enjoyable to spin, and a very nice end yarn. It won't be great for next to the skin, but will be great for a myriad of other projects. End verdict: good! Just go into it knowing what type of wool you're spinning, and you'll love it.
Telebear: "Cat 48, Store in Freezer".

I couldn't resist taking this picture when I noticed the sign on the box. Of course he jumped in the box as soon as I brought it in, but it wasn't til a while later I noticed the sticker (and no, Cat 48 is not going in the freezer!).

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Pink Sunset-y Socks for Swapping
Sock simply knit
Streaks of green and purple delight.


Evening light on white
Pure pink,
Pink that I love, not that pastel, pale, palid pink of baby aisles everywhere.

Depth of light of snow, of height
Winter yet almost Spring mountains still white
Only conquered by sun's drowning night.


Second sock still simply being knitted...


(Flickr-ble clickable)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

British Wools #4-6

Cotswold, Gotland Lamb, and Kerry Hill.

All are fuzzy, the Cotwold and the Kerry Hill are Navajo plied, the Gotland a 2-ply.

Unfortunatley the Cotswold was in pretty bad condition. I think I wasted over half of it when I combed it due to the lanolin left in it, and how sticky it was. The Gotland, also a luster longwool, I bet I only lost 10%; it was in much better shape!

The Kerry Hill (above and below). Flicked out really nice and easy, a great spin, and a lovely yarn. A nice medium wool, I like this more than the Portland, and WAY more than that coloured Ryeland.

The Gotland Lamb (below) this is apparently the wool they used to make the cloaks for the Lord of the Rings movies! A long curly wool. Very soft. Like the softest kid mohair, maybe because it's Lamb wool? Fun to spin, fun, fuzzy yarn, I really love the gray too.

Cotswold. I like the luster longwools. I would have liked this, if the fleece had been better prepped. I hated combing it out, and spinning it. Too sticky. Too matted. At least the yarn is nice!

I think all the pics are clickable for more detail. Now, which Brit wools to spin next!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Spent President's Day weekend doing mostly house stuff...working on fencing, cleaning up the backyard, chores, laundry, and cutting down dead trees!

When we moved in last spring, we had 4 dead poplar trees that needed taking down. Finally got the courage up yesterday to rent a big chainsaw and cut them down!

These are now the 4 stumps that were the 4 dead poplars. We still have a lot of work cut out for us with the chopping, stacking etc., but getting them down was the main thing! (that, and not hitting a power line, fence, or the house when they fell...)
Click on the pic below to get giant pic:

That's the river, where the trees are, and the field across from it. See the little creamy colored specs in the field? Sheep. About a thousand of them! Just noticed them for the first time this weekend, I wonder where they normally are?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Handspun Interlacements Friday Fiber-y Goodness

From a braid of Interlacements roving that I bought in Taos. I photographed the roving for one of the first fibery friday shoots, and there are a few pics Here of the raw roving.

It's a good worsted weight yarn, Navajo-plied to keep the color sequence intact.

Started with 8 oz of roving, and ended with two good sized skeins, though I'm getting lazy and not measuring the yardage lately!

I like the colors, the final yarn is soft, and quite sproingy. It was labeled only wool, so I'm not sure what breed of sheep it is, but I'm guessing a medium wool.

Spinning it, well, it was one of those really thick rovings. So I did predraft to separate the colors individually, even though I'm not a huge fan of the pre-draft anymore, it makes sense when you have a final color goal in mind sometimes!

And, as always, no plans for the finished yarn yet! It might be destined for something else...


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day Nate!

I knit you another pair of socks! Standard sockies, stockinette, heel flap in a slip stitch rib, cuff down. I played with the stitch count in different places this time after analyzing the other socks I've knit you, hoping for a better, more perfect fit.

I'll have to go digging around a minute here to find out what yarn it was I used, but if you look really carefully, you'll notice that the toes are different. In my perpetual worry about not having enough yarn to finish I pulled a ball of old Trekking XXL (color 116 if you're looking for good boy sock yarn) that the cats chewed up over a year ago out, noticed it was quite matchy and made the toes from that!

The main color here is OnLine Supersocke Highland, color 841 . This was my second time using OnLine sock yarn, and I like it. Not as touchy feely soft while knitting as Trekking, but once it's washed it's really nice. It wears really well too. Exactly what I look for knitting up socks for Nate!
And yes, I've started the sock swap sockies with the pinky handspun for Lesley. I finished turning the heel on sock #1 last night! And, no surprise, but I love it. The mer-ten is soft, shiny, nice to knit, and the colors are gorgeous, exactly what I was hoping for.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Black and White

Two of the British rare breed wools sampled and spun.

The white is Portland, and the black is Coloured Ryeland.

Both are Navajo plied.

So, the verdict?

I liked the Portland, the Ryeland was kind of a pain in the butt to flick card, spin, and ply.

The Portland is a medium wool, what would be a good all around wool I think, though not for next to the skin wearing. The Ryeland, a medium-coarse, not as soft as the Portland.
Portland had 2 inch long staple, good crimp, and spun nicely into an even, lofty single. The Ryeland, VERY short, 1 inch staple, which made spinning it and prepping it a PITA. It also didn't want to be spun into a nice even single, and there were definitely more fluffy chunks in the final single.
I think I'd use Portland again. I'd pass on the Ryeland. Even though in the end, I love the color.
(Note to Angela, who asked in a comment if I ever went to Knit Night at Yarn in Durango, not yet...if I head up to Durango during the week, I usually head to FiberWorks on Tuesday evenings for Spin/Community Night. Do you go to Knit Night at Yarn?)


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tele-Hat #1 Done

Telemark hat finito! I just made up the pattern as I went, and I really like the way it turned, what to do for hat #2?

Hat #2 will be with the same gray, orange, and red. So similar, but different.

Again, Knitpicks Telemark yarn, Gray Wolf, Pesto, and Tangelo colors. Knit on US 3 DPNs, self invented simple cable rib pattern, about 80 rows or so make a hat, 132 stitches cast on.
I've been spinning up more of the British Rare Breeds Wool Sampler that Kristen and I split, so I'll post more about those this week. I also finished Nate's socks (Happy Valentine's Day Nate!), started Lesley's socks, and finished the Interlacements roving I started ages ago, so there's plenty to blog about!


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sock Swap Sock Yarn!

Handspun Superwash Merino (50%) and Tencel (50%), from Spinning Bunny (see yesterday's post) to handknit sockies for Lesley of the Knittyboards! It's a great spin. I highly recommend this top.

I'll let the pictures do the talking!



This last pic is sans flash...maybe a bit truer to actual color. But I love the flash photos because they show how the shiny tencel reflects the light and gives the yarn a silky sheen.
Now, to find the pattern!
4.3 oz. 400 yds. 16 WPI.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Superwash Merino-Tencel

I ordered some superwash merino-tencel top to spin sock yarn for my Knittyboard sock swap pal Lesley a little while ago, from , Susan's Spinning Bunny. The first place I ever ordered fiber from. Lovely fiber, great customer service too!

This is the colorway I picked to spin for Lesley, she asked for something that reminded her of the Four Corners, and this one screamed sunset (in all it's pinks, purples, and oranges) over the junipers on the mesa to me, so this one it is!

In these pictures, it's hard to tell the color variation that is apparent in the finished yarn, these pics scream pink to me. But now I've finished the yarn, it isn't in fact so pink. Its lovely. Lovely! The tencel adds such a shine, the merino a softness and elasticity. This stuff spun like a dream. I can't wait to cast on!
I'll post the yarn tomorrow.
I've been having internet woes, hence not posting for a week, so bear with me!
Everyone who asked about the Telemark yarn, well, I like it. It's more densely spun/plied than the Wool of the Andes, and a little softer to work with, almost smoother in the hand, worsted spun rather than woolen I think.
A good yarn, in fact, I'd definitely buy this before I'd buy Wool of the Andes again!