Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Telemark Yarn! From KnitPicks.

Telemark hat knitted by Teleknitter for a Telemark skier!

Yep, I cast this on over the weekend. I owe a certain Tele-skier a couple of hats, it's been a while! I should finish this, and it's mate in short order and get them out...

Making up the patten as I go, ribby cable-y happy knitting.

Knit while playing Monopoly with Nate and a 13 yr old who drives a mean bargain!

Yarn specs from last two posts updated:

The Quiviut was 20-21 WPI.

The alpaca in yesterday's post:
147 g / 5.19 oz
324 m / 354 yds
Sport/DK weight yarn.

Monday, January 29, 2007


Alpaca Roving I bought from Deer Valley Alpacas at Taos WoolFest. This is by far the nicest alpaca I've spun or touched to date. DVA apparently did a lot of research to provide the best fiber processing for fine fibers availible. I think it worked!

Dory likes it too....I bought 5 oz of roving, I was seduced by the natural colors, and that it hadn't been blended too much, so there were lovely sections of black, cinnamon, and heathered caramel left intact, and I wanted to see what this would end up looking like in the finished yarn.

Result? I love it. The processing made a deliciously soft yarn with very little guard hair, and lots of soft fluff. I love the subtle colors.

The roving spun effortlessly even too. I spun this in less than 24 hours start to finish, including sleep, and life and everything...

Now I wish I bought more....
Yarn Specs:
100% Alpaca
2-ply (Z-spun, S-plied)
(I forgot the yardage and weight specs...left them on a piece of paper in the fiber explosion room, I'll edit and post this tomorrow!)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Quiviut Fiber Friday!

As promised...Part II! Finale! Quivit spun and photographed!

2 oz. / 57 g.
325 m. / 355 yds.
2-ply, Z-zpun, S-plied.
I had 3 oz. of the raw fiber, 2 oz. of yarn. A whole 3rd was junk and gunk and guard hair!
Anyways. It's done! And it is SOooooooooo soft. Kitten tummy soft. Bunny ear soft. Pussywillow soft.......
Laura, coming your way on Monday!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Quiviut Spun

I finished the quiviut yarn for Laura! I think I started this way back in the summer. Laura bought 3 oz. of raw fiber in Alaska, and being a knitter and not a spinner, asked if I would spin it for her. I agreed, and subsequently took forever to spin her yarn!

It took me so long mostly because see the bowl of debris above? Well, each little clump of fiber produced at least that much guard hair and bits'o'junk. Every hair and bit had to be hand picked from the clump of fiber. And this, is what took forever. Spinners, if you want to spin quiviut, make sure you get the kind that is prepped for you! Even if it costs twice as much, believe me, what you save in time and labor will be worth it!

The actual spinning didn't take that long compared to the picking/cleaning of the fiber.

Spun yarn above taking it's first bath. Whew! That was some yarn in need of a bath! Yarn got three baths before being all clean and fuzzy.

Yarn drip drying in the shower.

At this point, I'm petting it, going in every half hour to see if it's getting fuzzier and softer as it dries...it is!

Stay tuned for Quiviut Fiber Friday tomorrow with closeups of the finished, fuzzy, fluffy yarn!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More long-lingering knitage

Contemplating finishing all the things that I've started...but not finished. Of course the Aran Knitting swatches come to mind. I believe I've knit half of them. And, half of this one:

Funny, I was really enjoying knitting it. Then, away into the little box it went. Sealed up, tucked away, and forgotten. Little wooden swatch box, needles to knit, needle to cable, a little counter, and the yarn. I don't even remember what yarn it is now. Wool, yes wool.

The Q is mostly plied now [VERY excited about this!]. Finish a Nate sock, knit two Tele-hats, seam a knit but not finished cardigan, spin Lesley sock swap yarn, knit sock swap socks, finish pink bunny heart scarf, finish this swatch, frog the blanked I started but hate, clean up fiber [explosion] room, and THEN, I'll be ready to start something new!


Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter's Ice

I love Winter [and Spring, Summer, and Fall]. I like rain, frost, sun, green, gray and blue. I either love the cold, the hot, the leaves, the dew that instant , or I long for the next season to start. Living with a little river is experiencing the seasons in a new way. A way I never have. I already long for the green buds to appear on the willows, as I see my breath freeze in the air while ice crunches beneath my feet. The river has a life of it's own.

And now the river is cold. Cold and icy. White-blue. Ice comes in many forms...cloudy, clear, crystalline and cracked. Solid enough to hold me in parts, in others weak so that I hear it beneath the snow. Not loud, not soft. A sound that is only one thing. How many sounds does water make?

Even a little river like the La Plata is beautiful, calming, and alive.

And yet....I search for the the green underneath the snow.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Spunky Eclectic Handspun Friday!

The lovely Bryghtrose (Cathy) sent me a gorgeous hank of handpainted roving from Spunky Eclectic; so the other day when I needed to teach someone to spin, it happened to be the first fiber I grabbed.

There are a few areas that are thick and thin (I plied the bits that I let my friend try spinning on right into the yarn), but for the most part, it turned out pretty even. Balanced, soft, and pink!

*Sigh*. I got home literally 3 minutes too late to take advantage of the gorgeous New Mexico sun and it's effect on the yarn. Ah well. When one car is in the shop, and you're carpooling with your husband, you can't exactly create your own schedule. Next time...

Yarn Specs:
107 g./3.77 oz.
215 m./235 yds.
Worsted weight yarn, 2-ply (Z-spun singles S-plied)
Spunky Eclectic Handpainted Wool blend Roving, Canones Colorway
Verdict: Lovely!
The handpainted roving was in great condition. No felting, no color bleeding on my hands when I spun it. Fibers are I'd say a good overall medium wool, similar to BFL or Corriedale with a little less crimp than a small mill processed roving. I love the way the colors turned out in the end. Love that there are solid maroon bits, and bits of sunset twisted in. A pleasure to spin! Thanks Cathy!
(I'm trying my darndest to get the Quiviut done for next week's Fiber Friday!)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

So...finally switched to the New Blogger. I'll have to see how this works; I did save all my templates before the switch though!

I think I'm going to work through all my WIP's/UFO's both spinning and knitting this year before I start on any new projects....first up...the current socks:

One down, one on the needles. Yep, more Nate socks!

On the spinning front, the quiviut for Laura....one bobbin pictured, one more bobbin also this full. I have about 1/4 of the fiber left to clean and spin then I can ply. The blue-purple-green is a full bobbin of Interlacements roving, so that needs the other half spun. I also have a center pull ball of the Sparkle-Llama single ready to ply. So, keep working on the quiviut, then the plying, then the Interlacements...and hopefully by then my sock fiber for Lesley (sock swap) will be here and I can start spinning that!

Tele and Dory again. Heads together, sleeping as only cats can.

So, after tomorrow's Fiber Friday post, I'll round up the other things in progress and drag them out...motivation and all that.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Llama-silk Mom Scarf

Remember this and this? Well, this is what it became:

A lace scarf for Mom for Christmas. Now, I forgot to take photos of it before I gave it too her, but she took some and sent them to me!

I used a couple of lace motifs, one which looks like long flowing S curved lines, and one that looks like fountain sprays. I was aiming for a mountain river, with the quiet sections of calm water and the sprays of the rapids. Guess it depends on which way you look at it.

Mom with my neice (pink bunny yarn heart scarf!). Palm Springs winter, the garden still looks pretty good for January! And...that's on a cold day! Notice the ice from the bird bath?

Friday, January 12, 2007

Yarn-o Friday courtesy of Theresa!

Gorgeous, gorgeous purple-blue alpaca yarn from Theresa!

I love the combination of colors. So perfect.

Of course, I'm not sure to knit with it, but that can wait.

I barely caught enough sun this morning to get good color shots in...

And of course Theresa sent a cute kitty card, and, a little mug from Telemark! A Telemark Tomten mug! Very cute. It shall hold stitch markers on my knitting table.

Thanks Theresa!

And, the verdict is in, the scarf stays. No frogging, so depending on when I finish it, and how much it is loved then, it has a date to become a Finished Object. Thanks for the imput!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Frog or not?

I recently inherited some pink bunny yarn. 100% angora, about 12 balls. It's divinely soft of course, and very warm. However, I don't tend to wear pink, and the 25g balls have no listed yardage, as it's vintage yarn. So...a while back I started a heart lace scarf with it, intending to give it to my neice for Valentine's Day.

But, the neice lives in Palm Springs. Hot, not exactly angora wearing weather, even in February. So...a few pics of the scarf here for your perusal.

With one question, should I frog this or not? If you vote to frog, any suggestions as to what else I should do with lovely, soft, warm, pink, bunny yarn of unknown yardage?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Alas, the weekend is done.

One day skiing.

One hike with the doggies.

A little knitting on a sock.

A lot of bill paying for the Animal League.

A lot of phone calls.

A lot of not wanting to have to go back to work today!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Fiber Friday Debouillet Sampling

Handspun sample of Debouillet fleece....purples, pinks, reds...I have been dreaming about Debouillet for a while. It's a breed of sheep which originated in New Mexico in 1920 from Delaine-Merino and Rambouillet crosses. Having no sucess of my own in attaining the elusive Deb., CK from Knittychat sent me a sample of a fleece she bought on ebay.

The wool is extremely soft and fine, longer stapled than merino, and somewhat springier. However, I'm now skeptical about buying fleeces on ebay, because this fleece had something quite unexpected in amongst the fluff. Cactus! Ouch! I only had a tiny sample. And just flicking out that small sample left my fingers and lap with prickly spines. Not good. Another reason to sample a fleece before buying!

I did however, get to play with the Debouillet. And I love it. If I can ever find a nice fleece for sale, or potentially breeding stock, it would be a serious score.

"The stable length of the fleece is from three to five inches (7.5-12.5 cm) with a numerical count of 62 to 80 which is 18.5 to 23.5 microns." Soft...and nice.

Now to find some without the cactus....

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Trekking 100 socks!

I think this might be my favorite color scheme/stripedy sequence of any commercial sock yarn I've worked with so far; something delights me so about the slight mis-matchiness of the stripes and the color changes.

Knit mostly in the car driving back and forth from CA over the holidays, simple stockinette socks (I can knit these unassisted by a pattern now!).
One ball of Trekking XXL color 100 sock yarn, US size 1 needles. I should have made the cuff a little longer, for I had about 20-25 g of yarn left.

If you haven't used Trekking yet, I'd recommend it. Soft enough to wear right off the needles, but feels more fuzzy than say, Regia, but with the same durability factor I'm guessing.

I'm working on the quiviut in earnest now to finish it up ASAP for Laura...the Christmas knitting is done, and I cast on only one new project, socks for Nate (so I have car knitting). I actually really want to ply this stuff, and see what the final yarn is like; I have high hopes!

Then, 2 hats. Then, I finish any WIP's I have lingering....both spinning and knitting-wise. Then, finally, start on new year's knitting!

(Oh, and I answered everyone's questions from yesterday's comments in a comment to that post!)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

May 2007 be a wonderful one for everyone!

I've been lax lately in posting, holidays and all...trips to visit family, knitting for holiday gifts only, and really just general business. We went to CA for the break, and came home to snow! Well, we left with about an inch or two on the ground, but came home to around 6 inches!

The doggies love the snow, the river, and romping in general! They had a good trip to CA too, and we took Molly on her first hike, she loved it, and was pretty dang good for her first time off leash.

The mountains, white, and snowy, the sunset last night was divine. I really should have taken a picture. Pink and orange glowing on the white.

Anyways, I finished my gift knitting, forgot to photograph it too. So, the llama-silk wrap thing for mom, it turned out lovely, but alas, will not be seen. Same with the silk-mohair one for my aunt. Ah well.

I did finish a pair of socks mostly on the drive, and I'll post those tomorrow. Then, the quiviut shall be finished, then the 2 hats I owe a tele skier...then, who knows!