Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Of trips and things

We traveled to California for the Thanksgiving weekend, 11 hours in the car each way. 800 miles is a long way inside a car (bonus points if you know where that lyric is from)...

It was the first time we have left all the animals, and I was nervous to see they were all OK when we arrived home (they were, thanks pet-sitter!). We arrived home to a long overdue sight, snow.

Snow on the mountains, and snow in our yard even (a little note from the sitter said 3 inches on Friday...).

At least when we drive I get to knit in the car. I finished up a pair of socks (those baby cable rib socks I'll blog them later) and knit a pair of baby legwarmers for Cordelia's new baby Anna.

And, the kitties were all fine too, although I think they slept too much and missed the outside time they get during the day a ton. Here's Lucy in her "Jungle Jaguar Kitteh" pose in the Navajo willow in the front yard. Wow, that tree went from green to brown leaves fast, here is a picture of her in the same tree taken on Nov. 16th compared with today's.

I hope the little baby leggings fit Anna, and that they warm her legs! I've never knit these before, so I guestimated a quickie pattern. I'll have to ask Cordelia later. I used Trekking for these, of course.

And, more kitty love. Clyde loves to hang out with me in the mornings as I do my outside animal chores. So bright eyed and bonkers, he'll pounce out on the hay bales from the middle of nowhere.

Ah, how is it that 5 days off of work makes me more tired than a normal weekend?


At 12:21 PM, Blogger Carolyn said...

I think holidays are so exhausting because we try and cram more into the days off than we do on normal days ;)

The legwarmers are very cute - as are the cats!

At 12:58 PM, Blogger Lazuli said...

Those are gorgeous pictures - pretty scenery, pretty cats, and lovely cute legwarmers!

I think vacations, despite the intention of relaxing, end up being tiring because you're not in your usual routine.

At 2:24 PM, Blogger Bezzie said...

We call that "termination dust" where I come from. Termination of summer I suppose.

I like the colors on those legwarmers.

At 8:29 PM, Blogger Batty said...

Kitty in the tree! That's such a beautiful picture. I love kitties.


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