Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Batt Making, from wool to spinable!

Llanwenog wool; traded with Kristen for a couple more interesting wools. It came washed, but jumbled. A short stapled, more downy type wool, this was not going to work with the Flick carder or combs. So. What to do?

Step 1, dye! Wilton's icing dyes and white vinegar, a little time in the oven, and pink-purples-blues and pretty.

Step 2, borrow a drum carder from my friend Pam up the road.

Step 3, card the wool like a maniac into lovely, spinable batts!

I didn't weight these yet, I should. But I have 5 batts, all slightly different, but enough similarities that when I spin them up, they'll be coordinated.

Too bad pink isn't my favorite color...but I'm in it for the fiber experience. If I end up not loving the end yarn in its pinkness, I know people who do!

Now....time to spin!

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At 8:51 AM, Blogger spinndiva said...

How lovely, Sarah! looks so yummy, just dive in and spin!

At 10:06 AM, Blogger Laura said...

me! me! I like pink! Pink is great! One can never have enough pink yarn :)

At 10:49 AM, Anonymous cathy said...

Nice batts. They remind me of cotton candy.
And your socks are nice, too.

At 3:49 PM, Anonymous zuma said...

I like pinkness! Me! Me! LOVE the pinkness. =)

At 4:48 PM, Blogger Zonda said...

Oh those batts look like candy!

I'm a pink lover too! Hee, bet you'll like it now once it's done! :)

At 2:17 AM, Blogger peri said...

Lovely colours - can't wait to see it spun.

At 4:06 PM, Blogger Bezzie said...

I bet when you spin that up you'll like it. I'm not a spinner but there seems to be such a marked difference between an unspun batt and the final product.

At 6:09 PM, Blogger Magatha said...

It's really pretty. See, I didn't know wool was ever dyed that way. I thought it was all dyed after it was spun.


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