Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pet update!

Meet Molly! A little black and tan and white doggy, aka, Wilco's new best friend.

She came from the shelter about a week ago, and while we planned on fostering her, (because this little girl is way to sweet to be put down simply because there was no more room at the shelter) we're going to keep her now!

She has the coloring of a Bernese Mountain dog, but is smaller, only weighs about 43 lbs, and is a head shorter than Wilco the Golden Retriever. Some kind of border collie/Aussie/spaniel cross? Don't really know. But I do know she's sweet, good, and only 1-2 yrs old. Healthy, fit, and hasn't even attempted to chase a kitty.
(plus Wilco loves her, and she loves him...and he needs a friend...now he has one...)

Meeting Brutus the Bun...

Brutus is doing well, he's really fluffed out again! We collected his fluff back in October right after we got him, and he's almost ready to pluck again! Dragging little trails of fur after him....

He's quite a fluffy rabbit! (Can't wait to get him a best friend too....)

Plucking the angora fur is quite easy and painless for the bunnies. When their hair is ready to be harvested, the old hair dies, and the new hair grows in beneath it. At this stage, you see the old coat coming off in little trails and tufts,I brush or comb the bunny and notice an abundance of hair coming out. So, you just hold the bunny in your lap and gently grab a lock of hair and tug. Plucked! Repeat all over the bunny; store hair for spinning. I like to groom the bunny first, then the harvested fluff is already clean and untangled and ready to spin or blend.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Fondant socks!

Sweet Georgia Yarns, Superwash sock yarn in the "Fondant" colorway.

Pink and blue...not the colors I would have picked for myself necessarily, but it was a gift that I recieved in a trade. In the end though, I like the fun socks, they are only socks after all....so the bright colors work!

Simple cuff down plain old sock pattern. How I like my socks pretty much these days...

Started around Thanksgiving when we were remodeling the bathroom, in fact a significant portion of sock 1 was knitting in Lowe's!

We're supposed to get snow tonight and tomorrow, our first big storm of the winter! I'm of course hoping for a lot!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Fiber Friday!

A little sun for the winter gray..

Red, orange, deep purple and blue.
Might warm you up even if it wasn't wool.

Matches the Mountain Sunset and Bezzie bamboo...the possibilities!

I know I said I like green and blue and purple best, but I think I just like deep color!

Happy Weekend to all!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Ribbons from the skein competition at the Best of the Southwest Fiber Festival. I submitted three skeins, and three skeins came back with ribbons. Two blues and one red (blue is first in the category and red is second).

It was my first time submitting anything I've made to a competition. I was a little nervous. I mean I like my handspinning, but who knows if other, more experienced people do?

I submitted a silk-rayon-wool blend, a Suffolk cross wool 2-ply, and a skein of CVM cross that I spun from a Taos fleece (all already posted on the blog in the last few months).

I wonder what the judges said, thought. I wish they left comments on the sheets for me to read...tips, what I did right and wrong. Next time I think I'll stick around for the judging part so I can hear it.

The fleece judging was very insightful, and I'm sure the skein judging was also. I'm a little disappointed that the garments and the fleeces all had comments on the judging sheets, but the skeins didn't. But really, I would have been more disappointed if the skeins came back with nary a bow, right?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Don't Shoot!

A hat of orange, bright to see.
So no hunters may shoot me.

Charted sheep, petrogyphs from the San Juan, to adorn a hat.

Snow fell last night; kitty paws silent and white.

A field hat to wear, warm and snug.

Pattern, mine (if I can figure out how to host/upload a chart, I'll post it for free...if anyone has any suggestions on how to upload and host a chart, let me know).

Yarn: Bartlett yarn from stash, 100% wool. Which softens wonderfully when you wash it by the way.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Musings on a Motif

Sorry no Fiber Friday! I went this AM to take pics, and....Nate had snagged the camera. And alas all the photos on my zip drive had already been used recently. Next week, OK?

So...last night I started working on a hat. A hat for an archaeologist...in orange for field safety during hunting season....and gray. And I wanted a Fair Isle type motif to go with it.

So I thought, why not chart out a petrogylph or two...and went through some photos from river trips. These guys stood out to me.

The bighorn sheepies. So, I'll work up a chart and try it tonight I think.

And overview pic of the San Juan river (Monument Valley in the far distance) where these petroglpyhs were seen.

Cute? Archaeologist-y enough? I'd like it...

Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sparkle Llama

In Between spinning the quiviut (which I'm still spinning...it just takes a long time to get perfect!) I spun this:

I like to call it Sparkle Llama. 70% llama/alpaca, 15% Shetland wool, and 15% firestar nylon (for the sparkle!).

Oh, and all these smaller pics...go ahead and click them for bigger pics on Flickr!

I bought about 5 oz of this from Camp Verde Llamas at the Pagosa Springs Fiber Festival. Really a nice seller, if you're interested in her fiber, I can get you that info.

There will be two skeins when I'm done, I still need to ply and skein the second. This skein is 64g, the second will be 80g.

Easy to spin, well prepared roving, the first time I've spun a camelid-wool blend, and I really like it! The Shetland gives a nice bounce and elasticity to the final yarn that it wouldn't otherwise have.

This last pic was taken inside and if you click for a bigger detail, you can see the sparkles better here!

Yarn specs, Skein 1 of Sparkle Llama:
64g/2.25 oz
151 m/165 yds
Sport/DK weight 2-ply, 14-15 WPI
S-spun, Z-plied

Monday, December 04, 2006

Bathroom Remodel Finito!

I'll let the photos speak for themselves!

Suffice to say, we love it.

Happy bathroom! Clean! White!

Makes me want to take a bath now....bubbles...

What next?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Fiber Friday gifties

Scroll down for the fiber goodness...

From Susann in Germany, a trade for sock yarn and she surprised me with the best thing ever, a Kinder Egg Advent Calendar! I adore this...

And the sock yarn! A little ball of Raime top for me to spin too; I've never spun this, it feels similar to the bamboo top I have.

Valerie and I traded Rhinebeck/Taos fiber, 8 oz. of Shetland-Cormo-Icelandic, and she sent some amazingly beautiful handyed superwash merino too!

And, Bezzie sent me this ball of SWTC bamboo yarn and a gorgeous handmade button for winning her blog contest! Look how well the bamboo goes with the Mountain Sunset handspun. Perfect for a coordinating accesories set.

And now, what you've come for on Fiber Friday...the pics!

Handspun with the bamboo...

Mmmm, bamboo!

Valerie's handyed merino! I love the way this turned out Valerie, thanks so much for the birthday gift!

And a happy weekend to all.