Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sleevage in progress

One sleeve down and one approximately 1/3 to 1/2 complete (must finish second sleeve tonight):

The front completed, and the back (plus the ends are woven in, good car task if there ever was one.):

The completed sleeve and the in progress one:

Tele-butt with a side of catnip and window staring. (oh yes, he likes to climb those curtains too).

So, progress on the sweater is steady. After the second sleeve is done (tonight I hope), I sew the shoulders together, then put all those stitches that are on stitch holders onto a needle and knit the hood. Then the knitting will be done. Sleeve setting is after that, then the final seaming. I'm thinking this might take me a while, good thing I don't really have Saturday plans yet! I'm just happy to have woven in all my ends at this point!

No snow in the forecast, so expecting a hardpacked ski day at Purgatory this weekend. No powder like last week. Hopefully the moguls will still be carvable!

I'm thinking that I'll finish the VK F05 lace shawl after the sweater. Then frog the red entrelac scarf I started. Then....NO WIPs/UFOs! And I can start all over again.....

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

D is for Desolation

D is for Desolation Canyon

Back in September I took a weeklong raft trip through Desolation and Gray Canyons with some friends (two of whom used to be river guides). It was an amazing experience. The canyons were beautiful, but the thing that sticks with you the most is the quiet. The week without any phones, radios, TV, and cars. The river is the dominant sound. The feeling of peace that comes over you after 3-4 days is amazing.
You can see the beginnings of our camp being set out on the beach below the canyon.

Loved it.

Knittage: Front, check. Back, check. All ends on front and back woven in, check. Sleeve 1, approximately 1/2 inch from being done. Will I finish? I'm trying, but yes, a challenge it will be! Pics later.

Ski-dom: Most excellent weekend of the year! Two days at Wolf Creek, with 26 inches of new snow! Powder days spent in the trees, fresh tracks every run, both days. Then, a day at Purgatory, with pure carvable styrofoam snow perfect for moguls. Moguls all day. Damn my legs were worked. To top it off, a soak at Trimble Hot Springs after the final ski day. Ah.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Knitting for Breakfast?

Progress pics of the Hoodie for the Knittin' Olympics:
Le close-up of de stripe:

Le fronte, ala pocket:

Le fronte plus le back:

So, this is how much knitting I've done since last Friday night, a little less than a week. Not bad, but I'm thinking I picked a good project, it will be a challenge for me to finish by the end of the Olympics. Little things like, eating, working, house cleaning, laundry, skiing, pet caretaking, and volunteering seem to cut into knitting time. Last night, I only knitted 2 rows.

I really like the colors I have, the main body color is KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Hyacinth, the light stripe is a ball of light lavendar Lambs Pride, and the dark stripe is Cascade 220 in Eggplant. They really mix well.

Finishing the pocket made me happy, I've never made a pocket before!

This weekend we're headed to Crested Butte to ski, we're either leaving tonight or tomorrow pending the weather. There is a winter storm watch in the area, and it usually isn't a great idea to drive over 10,000 ft passes in snow!

Since this is my first 'adult' sweater, I'm wondering how long it will take me to do the finishing on it? The seaming, weaving in ends etc. Any guestimates?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Olympic Progress

So, I've been knitting away at the Hoodie for the Knitting Olympics.

I finished the back!

I started the front,

Then last night, I finished the pocket!

The pocket, I must say, looks quite cute, and I am impressed with myself for knitting it!

I spent a fair amount of time yesterday cleaning and doing laundry (Nate's V-day gift, along with a new sheet, and a nice dinner of bacon-wrapped filet mingnon, cream of broccoli soup, and a salad with blue cheese). So not as much knittage as I would have liked, but! I finished the pocket!

Maybe tonight I'll get farther along the front, to where it gets tricky again.

A great project for knitting while watching the Olympics though, as the Stockinette stitch is fairly mindless.

Kitties by the way LOVE laundry time. They love to pounce in the big pile of dirties. To romp in the clean stuff while I fold. To try and get in the dryer. To dig lint out of the bin.

Should I post pics of the Hoodie in progress?

[Crunchy baby, you know I'll teach you to ski anytime! And, I'm good on beginners.]

Friday, February 10, 2006


That I actually do ski. Actually I'm skiing 1-2 times a week lately, but rarely take the camera or pictures of it. I've been waiting for a powder day to get one of those 'white room' shots. Or something like that. Note the neckwarmer in action!

Tomorrow I'll be a skiing at Purgatory, trying out a brand new pair of skis, the ScottyBob Bobtails just for fun! I can't wait, I've heard so much about these, and can't wait to try them out!

On the knitterly front, all is prepared for tonights start of the Knitting Olympics! I have the Wool of the Andes, the Cascade 220, and the one skein of Lambs Pride all set and ready to go for my very own Under the Hoodie. Which, is going to be a study in the three main worsted wool yarns in varying shades of purple. (My SP sent me the WotA, I had the LP in ye olde stash, and the Cascade I matched up at the LYS). I swatched, got gauge, and prepped all the materials.

Tonight, the Opening Ceremonies = Cast on.
Parade of Nations/Athletes = knit as much as I can on the back!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hanspun Voodoo [wristwarmers]

These were made with from the Knitty pattern 'Voodoo armwarmers' with the lupine handspun yarn that I blogged about not too long ago. I really like them! Wore them yesterday in the field, and the were great! I plan on using them when I ski, to prevent the glove-jacket wrist gap problem. I'll let you know how that goes!

I swatched for the Knitting Olympics, with the Wool of the Andes for Under the Hoodie. Got gauge the first time! On size 8 circs. which just happen to be my only Addi's, which I was hoping to use! yay!

Skied rocked. Tele mogul clinic. With 4 little boys, and one dude who couldn't ski. It was fun, weird, and instructive all at the same time!

No snow forcast again. Friggin high pressure and lame La Nina. Go away, we want snow!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Chewed by the Cats

This used to be a single ball of Trekking XL sock yarn. Until it was Chewed byt the Cats. All in a period of 10 minutes, while I was in the same room. They sneakily took it out of my knitting bag, snuck around the other side of the couch where I couldn't see them as easily, and chewed. It. Up.

I wonder which ones did it.....

I have a suspicion. Tele and Dory. The 9 month old kitten delinquents!

Anyways, do you think I can still knit a pair of socks for Nate with it? Is it in too many pieces? Is it too much of a hassle to weave in ends on socks? Or is it bad for the socks to have originated in that many pieces of string? Help please!

Cats....dang it. (but i still love em).