Thursday, August 24, 2006

Quasi-felted Churro and a winner!

First....remember this little contest?

Well, we have a winner! Since no one correctly identified each of the three wools (and yes, I know it was hard...but this way it was fair free draw), I put the names on a spreadsheet, popped into chat, and asked Yorkie to randomly pick a number. She picked the number that went with Spin!

So, Spin! You are the winner! I'll give a brief rundown of the yarns, and then you pick which one you want, let me know, and I'll send it your way.

Yarn 1) The white one. Corriedale-cross wool from England. When finished this will be a nice all around wool for dyeing, felting, or knitting. It is very soft and sproingy. Will be 4 oz, and likely around 220-270 yds.

Yarn 2) The dark blue-purple one. Targhee top Handpainted by Mountain Colors. When finished (I worked on it last night) this yarn will be soft, and about sport weight. I'm guessing 250-270 yds in the skein.

Yarn 3) See Below, for this is that yarn!

It looked like this:

This is Churro roving. It came to me in a plain ecru state, and was already a pain in the butt to draft, and was already semi-felty. I thought I'd at least like it better if I dyed it.

So, I went with a light dye of Wiltons. The dyeing worked. However, it did not make for an easier to draft yarn, and it continued to fight the draft.

But, alas, I perservered. Spun a whole bobbin of the singles, then plied back on itself.

The yarn in the end, is somewhat thick and thin in spots, with little undraftable nubbins here and there.

Definitely will make an excellent felting project, though I would hesitate to make any kind of wearable anything with it.

Stats: Around 4 oz (I didn't weigh it). Aran weight. 190 yds of yarn.

So, yes....this is yarn 3!

I'll put up the pics of the other yarns as I finish them, so if you'd like Spin, you can wait til you see the others before you pick (or you can pick now, your choice!).

And, yep. I've decided to finish up all of these 3 yarns before starting a new spinning project. Which means I only have 2 spinning WIPs right now....and normally I have 4! Maybe I'll do the same with the knitting.


At 10:55 AM, Blogger spinndiva said...

wohooooooo I WON!!!!!!!
oh yeah! u-huh!
* does a little dance*
oh sarah ... I dunno... what a choice! soooo nice each one!

At 5:14 PM, Blogger Brittany said...

Too hard! :)

That Churro looked like a pain in the... where did you get it?


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