Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I can post!

I'm reallllllly hoping that I can get Beta blogger or something soon. I'm sick of faffing around with this.

So! Fluff from the Sasha!

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Three lovely green batts of Rambouillet fluff. Rainbow colors, mostly green. From Rowan Tree Woolery they came!

Along with a little bag of sample fluff too!
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Samples of white and gray Rambouillet, pencil roving (gray Rambouillet), green and white silk, and pinky-cream silk. I enjoyed spinning these. I took each sample, spun about a yard or two, and moved on to the next. Then plied back on itself.
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The sample yarn specs:
21 g/0.74 oz
62 m/68 yds
2-ply, DK-sport weight.

50% silk, 50% Rambouillet wool.

Enough maybe for some cool stripes in something? Nate likes this yarn. And I spun it thinking I might not like the end yarn. But I do!

Oh, and I couldn't resist:
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I started spinning the batts too. Not super easy to draft. But, super fast! And, I really like the nepps and noils left in. This isn't a smooth, even yarn. But we must listen to the fiber. To what it wants to be. And so I let it be neppy and noily, and I like it. (Even though mostly I try for even yarn...I can let that go in pursuit of happy fiber).


At 1:12 PM, Blogger Abigale said...

I love doing those little "sampling" skeins - a bit of this, a bit of that - throw in some kitchen sink, and ply it back on itself - haven't done one of those in a while, maybe it's time.

And I just love the colours of the neppy stuff, that's very pretty! I've had some wools that are neppy and noily, and you just have to let it do it's thing. I couldn't even imagine trying to get a smooth even yarn out of a prep like that. Talk about crazy making!

Have fun!

How are the socks coming?

At 4:16 PM, Blogger Bezzie said...

Wow, I was kind of on the fence on how that would look when just seeing the fluff in it's virgin fluff state, but that turned out really cool!!!


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