Friday, June 23, 2006

I shoulda used this one....

Yep...wishing I used this for my L pic!

L is for Lizard!

A baby horned toad lizard. With Dory's paw. These little guys are really cool, my favorite lizards actually. We're lucky enough to still find quite a lot of them around here even though they seem to be declining in populations all around the west. I see them a lot in the late Spring/early Summer out on the mountain bike trails. I always stop to move them off the trail too.

Started knitting a pair of socks for Nate, in a 'manyly' self striping sock yarn. Color 1002 (the big sock) here:

Still want to cast on and start another Starmore swatch soon. I laid out the five swatches I already knit, and they're pretty nice together. Nate even commented that I should make a blanket with them when they're all done. I think I will. One day, when they're all done.

Spinning the merino still, and have some Shetland and Churro on spare bobbins that needs to be finished.

After posting this, I'm going back to the Starmore swatch post and adding detailed information about the cables, so if you're interested in the geeky side of knitting, check it out!


At 8:56 AM, Blogger Bezzie said...

I think that's the state lizard of Texas? How exciting--we'll get to see lizards and snakes again!! Great picture--the paw just makes it! :-)

At 7:19 AM, Anonymous the kitchener bitch said...

poor little lizard! I trust that he didn't become a kitty snack immediately after this picture...

At 8:57 AM, Blogger ZantiMissKnit said...

Is the lizard squirting blood out of its head? I know some lizards do that but don't remember if it is horned toads. They're really cute; I'm jealous of people who live where there are lizards!


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