Sunday, April 30, 2006

Flash Your Stash '06

A whole month late, and a whole lot less yarnography. I had taken nice yarnography photos about a month ago. Then they were deleted. So this is what we get.

But heck, I guess that's what happens when your whole world suddenly revolves around moving and packing, and buying a new house and selling your old house.

So, here goes, my feeble attempt at FYS 2006:

I decided that if I had to pack and move my stash, then I'd at least try and get pics of some of it.

OK...the above bags contain all kinds o'yarn.

Far left bag: baby yarns, wool yarns, and hmmm....I think I threw in the Rowan Polar and the Boise yarn too.

Bag in front with the orange yarn: All wool, some 220, Bartlett, and Wool of the Andes mixed in with a little Lamb's Pride for good measure.

The blue is enough Starmore Bainin to make an nice Aran, with a whole bunch of Jo Sharp wool above that. Fair Isle work I'm hoping.

The bag to the right has about 20 balls of different colored superwash bulky wool. An afghan one day.

The big bag of random yarns: baby yarn, multi-colored wools, cottons (you can barely see the mercerized red and green Provence), a bag of enough ribbon yarn for a top, and random bits of yarn for felting.

The novelty and laceweight yarns. The Knitpicks gossamer and shadow. The fuzz. The Mr. Brown. The fringe and the floof. And a bag with one chewed up ball of Trekking XXL that the cats mangled; destined to be socks for Nate when I master the Russian join.

This is what remained in the closet after I packed all the bags you see on the bed above. Basically, one cubby full of chenilles and homespun, two cubbies full of fabric selvedge ends (rugs?), another cubby full of thin chenille (ex-cones), and a half full cubby of wools for felting. The chenille took up a whole black garbage bag, and the fabric selvedges took up another. These cubbies sure hold a lot! The wool went into a kitchen bag.

Far left: You can barely see the cute little skeins of the Blue Sky Alpaca poking out.

Bag of gorgeous purple Starmore Scottish Heather yarn. More Aran for me!

A huge bag of 100% wool, all grey. Overdying or Aran knitting for this.

And, in the bag to the front, Peer Gynt Natr Wool...what I like to use for dyeing.

Ah, the huge bag of Gray-green Scottish Heather = sweater for Nate.

And, the top of the bag of multi-colored superwash wool that I'm planning to knit an afghan with one day.

The stuff I put aside. The bag of the white to finish up the cardi (sleeves and collar left), the Cherry Tree Hill silk top kit, and a random hank of green fluff (to knit as another gift scarf). So, in addition to the fluff for spinning, I have this, the black shawl in progress, and the Starmore swatches to work on in the next month that I have to live without access to my yarn.


At 10:21 AM, Anonymous zib said...

Better late than never ;)

Thank you for flashing along and if you haven't already joined, you are welcome to join us in the Sisters of SABLE ring!

At 5:22 AM, Blogger Carolyn said...

Phew! Great stash!


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