Friday, March 03, 2006

Thank you.

Thank you everyone who left me a note. Posted on one of the forums I frequent. It means a lot to me that others understand the love we have for our pets. I have read and re-read the comments, the notes. And cried. And today, my heart doesn't feel as heavy.


I'm feeling a little more like myself today. I miss her in the morning when I feed the kitties, and she isn't there. I miss just knowing I'll never see her again. Never be out in the garden and find her sleeping under an eggplant bush, or chasing a bee. But, life is still good, and her little kitty-spirit is free.

I haven't felt like doing much the last few days, no knitting, no skiiing, no biking. But, I will ski tomorrow. And I think I'll knit tonight. I have a sweater that only needs the sleeves sewing up, then I can wear it! I think I'll call it the Muffin sweater.

I checked out both of the Barbara Walker stich books from the library, and I'm working out a lacey pattern for a shawl. Two yarns, both worsted. One 8oz skein of natural purple Churro from Tierra Wools, and one co-ordinating skein of Mountain Colors mtn goat. I'm imagining strips knit of lace, a leafy pattern. Then joined lengthwise. Each strip in one of the yarns. Worsted though, so a warm, big shawl, but lacey too. Think this would work? No way to know but try.


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