Monday, March 06, 2006

Entombed for Blocking

A preview of what's to come tomorrow, as she is currently blocking! Yep, finally!

And, forgive the fuzzy pic, because I didn't realize it was fuzzy til I did this to her:

Entombed her in a sheet casket sealed up with heavy books! Aka protection from the kitty monsters. Yep, I had to put them in kitty isolation (the bathroom) to even block this baby. Something about knitted wool screams out to them "Come to me, you know you want to sit on me, even though I'm wet, you will sit. on. me.".

The shawl was so long that my normal blocking spots (bedrooms with doors that close) were not possible, hence the shawl is entombed. With art history and archaeology books. Yes, you will be an elegant, cultured shawl!

And. Last night, I finally frogged the Entrelac scarf I was making (back in November). I decided to frog it around the new year, but hadn't gotten to it. The beautiful deep red Karabella Boise (50% superfine merino, 50% cashmere) just wasn't working with the Entrelac.

This super gorgeous yarn (my birthday present to myself, along with my first set of Lantern Moon needles) is screaming "Lace!" to me. A big thick lace scarf, and maybe writstwarmers to match.

It was a B***h to frog though. It had gotten sufficiently fuzzy to make the frogging of a mere 6 inches of scarf take over an hour! But, the fuzz was one of the things that was making the Entrelac not work out. Eh.

Awright. Back to the grind. Oh, election day here too. I hope that Pamela and Mary win. We SO need more women in the local government. Good vibes to them!


At 2:24 PM, Blogger Areli said...

Your shawl looks gorgeous, can't wait to see finished pics.

Your shawl tomb is so funny! Cats are terrible that way, so far mine isn't too interested in my knitting, but when I blocked my sister's kittyville hat in December he refused to leave it alone! Just that one project, must have been the kitty ears.


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