Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Changes ahead!

Yep, I haven't blogged in a while.

Too much craziness going on in our lives right now!

But good crazy.

1) We put an offer down on a 80-90 year old adobe Territorial farmhouse. About 15 miles from our current house, but with enough irrigated land to do some sheep (and an alpaca if I have my way!), and a huge garden.

2) We put our current house up on the market. Hosted an open house on Sunday, and spent the four days prior to Sunday cleaning and organizing like a mad-woman.

3) We had our 5 year wedding anniversary on Friday! And...Nate gave me a spinning wheel! A Double Treadle Fricke wheel with the Woolee Winder!

4) Inspections and realtors and all the lot that goes along with both selling and buying houses.

No knitting, if you can believe that! I don't think I've knit for a whole week now. Weird. I have however, assembled the wheel and spun a bit.

I've spun about 4 oz of teal (Mallard they call it) Merino top on the wheel. Two bobbins worth, and started plying it last night.

The wheel is awesome. I can't believe how much faster I can make yarn! 4 0z would have easily taken me a week to spin and ply on the spindle, so in two nights of spinning to get it done is amazing.

I was making consistently even singles on the spindles, so I thought I would be able to do this really eazily with the wheel. Not true. They aren't "bad", but they aren't very even. I think the speed at which the wheel moves is so much faster than the spindles that I need to speed up my drafting! I also noticed that with the Merino top I was working with, I prefered to spin from the fold. When using the spindle, I hated spinning from the fold! Spinning from the fold with the wheel allowed me to spin without any pre-drafting of the fiber. When I tried pre-drafting the same way I did it with the spindle, it just didn't really work out, it was too thin to work with my hands and I never got enough twist.

I definitely have both under and over twisted sections. The plying took me a while to get, and I really had to crank up the tension to ply. I'll finish plying tonight, and set the twist. To show you pics of my very own, first wheel spun yarn!

I think I should buy a fiber sampler pack and practice spinning different fibers, different thicknesses etc. Hmmm, anyone know a good place?


At 1:22 PM, Blogger Jerry & Maxy said...

Ooooooh, hurray for you, Sarah! A new home with irrigated land! Five years of marriage! A new spinning wheel - you can spin!!! Such excitement in the Four Corners. No wonder you haven't had time to knit!


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