Friday, February 10, 2006


That I actually do ski. Actually I'm skiing 1-2 times a week lately, but rarely take the camera or pictures of it. I've been waiting for a powder day to get one of those 'white room' shots. Or something like that. Note the neckwarmer in action!

Tomorrow I'll be a skiing at Purgatory, trying out a brand new pair of skis, the ScottyBob Bobtails just for fun! I can't wait, I've heard so much about these, and can't wait to try them out!

On the knitterly front, all is prepared for tonights start of the Knitting Olympics! I have the Wool of the Andes, the Cascade 220, and the one skein of Lambs Pride all set and ready to go for my very own Under the Hoodie. Which, is going to be a study in the three main worsted wool yarns in varying shades of purple. (My SP sent me the WotA, I had the LP in ye olde stash, and the Cascade I matched up at the LYS). I swatched, got gauge, and prepped all the materials.

Tonight, the Opening Ceremonies = Cast on.
Parade of Nations/Athletes = knit as much as I can on the back!


At 1:26 PM, Blogger granola said...

I want to come visit you so you can teach me how to ski!

(how's that for inviting oneself over??)

you are patient with people who falldowngoboom egregiously often? yes?


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