Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Olympic Progress

So, I've been knitting away at the Hoodie for the Knitting Olympics.

I finished the back!

I started the front,

Then last night, I finished the pocket!

The pocket, I must say, looks quite cute, and I am impressed with myself for knitting it!

I spent a fair amount of time yesterday cleaning and doing laundry (Nate's V-day gift, along with a new sheet, and a nice dinner of bacon-wrapped filet mingnon, cream of broccoli soup, and a salad with blue cheese). So not as much knittage as I would have liked, but! I finished the pocket!

Maybe tonight I'll get farther along the front, to where it gets tricky again.

A great project for knitting while watching the Olympics though, as the Stockinette stitch is fairly mindless.

Kitties by the way LOVE laundry time. They love to pounce in the big pile of dirties. To romp in the clean stuff while I fold. To try and get in the dryer. To dig lint out of the bin.

Should I post pics of the Hoodie in progress?

[Crunchy baby, you know I'll teach you to ski anytime! And, I'm good on beginners.]


At 2:20 PM, Blogger Jerry & Maxy said...

Yes, post progress pics!!!!! Go you!!!!


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