Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Spun like I've never spun before!

Well! I can spin singles that look as good as I'd want them to look! Check it out:

This is approximately 2 ounces of the Ashland Bay 'Delphinium' Colorway Merino top spun up into, what I must say, is a gorgeous single! The single looks to be sport weight.
And again with the pretty yarn (and a little vino for spinning happiness):

Now the yarn and the cat:

Lucy sniffs the yarn, I think I woke her up so she could be a model. Because who wouldn't want to be woken up to be a model?
Notice the color differences between the photos. The top and the bottom photos were taken with flash, and the middle without. In reality, the yarn is a blend of colors between these two extremes. Of course, I always wait til after dark to take yarn-y photos, so no natural light is possible.

I started spinning this wool on Sunday, then did some Monday, and finished the 2 oz. last night. I'm guessing about 7-8 hours of spinning to get half of the 4 oz of top all spun up. I still have to spin the other half, then ply, then soak. I guess it is a time consuming process, but I enjoy it.

I knitted a little on the baby blankie last night too. Only 2 pattern repeats left in the last 1/4 of the blanket! Almost. Almost.


At 6:56 PM, Blogger mf said...

Spin better with a little vine!! LOL

Love the colorway.
Looks like an awesome single on a spindle too! I spin pretty thin myself but on a wheel I navajo ply and dont' even get a sport weight... Yak! Whats the secret??? hmm A good wine! ;o)))
happy spinning!


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