Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A little knitting, a little skiing, a little spinning, a little hiking.

Tuesday, and I must say I had a good weekend and a good Monday! First, Muffin seems to be doing a little better. On Friday when I posted, she was not doing so good and I was thinking that it might be the last weekend. But, she perked up, and had a good weekend too!

Saturday we went hiking up on Pinon Mesa with Wilco, it was a beautiful day, and we had a very nice hike! I had a meeting in the morning, and I knitted through the whole thing, making it much more enjoyable! I worked on the Manly Cable scarf for Nate. I would have a pic of the hike, but they were accidentally deleted. hmpf.

Sunday, headed up to Durango to ski, had an excellent ski day! No new snow, so I was surprised it wasn't ice [ice baby]. The rest of the ski area opened, and the whole mountain was EMPTY! We had countless runs all to ourselves! excellent. I worked on the Baby Blanket in the car, and I am now very close to finishing it! whew. I don't think knitting blankets is for me. After we got home, showered, and ate excellent elk steaks for dinner (marinated in an awesome juniper berry sauce from the Coyote Cafe cookbook), I started some more spinning.

Spinning...I'm about done with 1 oz (out of 4) of this colorway of Merino:

Delphinium from Ashland Bay. Sooooo soft and pretty. The single is somewhere between Sport and DK weight, I'm hoping for a 2-ply that comes in about worsted. We'll see. I spun a little Sunday night and Monday night.

Monday, field day at work! woo hoo! Went out and recorded two sites, a large archaic site with 10 features and a small Navajo site. Beautiful day, love my field days!

Then, last night was Knit Night! Third time we've met. First there were two of us. Just me and Mary. Then in December there were 3. Last night there were 4! I met Rhea from Knittyboard, and Mary brought her friend Ann(e?). So...if we keep increasing each time, we just might get a good group together yet! I worked on spinning at the knit meeting, and tried to pick up the Entrelac scarf. But alas. I haven't touched it for so long, and the light was so poor that I dropped a stitch and couldn't figure it out. I think I'll put this one away til I finish the blankie and the Manly Cable. Knitted a little more on the cable scarf too.

At this rate, I just might finish a few of those WIP's yet!


At 12:24 PM, Blogger mf said...

ohhh nice merino!! Great colorway! Happy spinning!


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