Monday, November 21, 2005

Turkey week!

I guess that means I really should start getting serious about finishing all those Christmas gift WIP's huh? Yep.

We're getting our chimmney swept today, which means I get to leave work at 1:40 pm today, yay! And I get to sing the Chim chimmney song from Mary Poppins over and over and over and over in my head....

So, no snow yet. No skiing yet. Boo. I guess Wolf Creek is open, but I'm not sacrificing my skis to the patchy base they have, and paying $30 for a crappy run or two.

Knitting...well, a little progress on the Entrelac scarf. A little progress on Cozy. A little progress on the baby blanket. Not much to report, last week was spent mostly NOT kntting.

BUT, I found out who my SP is! She sent me another amazing package, and a reveal! It was gidgettm! Thanks so very much for being the best SP I could have wanted. I can't wait to use all that Wool of the Andes!

I have also read all of the Harry Potter books now. Dang it. I was trying to wait til the last book was out, cause I knew I'd read them all in a few weeks and then be left hanging. So I held out til there were 6 of 7 books. Now I've read 6 and can't wait til 7, but have to wait. argh. But, I can see the 4th movie! Soon. soon.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday monday monday

About the only good thing about this Monday is that today will be the very first day of my very own, Four Corners Knit Night Northern NM!

Since Farmington finally got a nice little bookstore/coffeeshop on main in the old downtown section I decided to host a Knit Night!

That will be fun. And cool I hope. I know three people are coming! Whee, 3 people. I'm hoping more might show up from the flyers I put in the yarn shops.

But, if it's small at first, and grows slowly, that would be good.

I also feel crappy that I haven't been updating the blog. Since our digital camera is broken, and we're not getting a new one til Christmas-y time, it will be a while before photos are here (unless I use real film and get a CD, and oh, doesn't it just seem to take a lot of effort?).

I had a good birthday, the big 30, on Friday! The best part, a new niece born on the same day. Happy, healthy little neice!


My very first knitting class! Entrelac knitting, taught by the talented Janet at Yarn in Durango. It was very cool. I met three new knitters, and impressed them with my lace knitting skillz. In fact, I learned Entrelac! Tricky stuff this entrelac, I'm glad I took a class to get me started! I ended up buying myself a little treat...two balls cashmere/merino (Karabella Boise) yarn in the most gorgeous red and a set of Lantern Moon needles to practice my new Entrelac technique with!

Skiing news:

Wolf Creek is officially open! Only one real lift, and 14 inches of snow, so it seems marginal to me. But, I just might have to head up there next weekend and check it out!

The San Juans were heavenly white this weekend with new snow. The second best birthday present I could have asked for.