Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Snow and a new camera!

OK....finally got ourselves a new digital camera! Yay! It is a Casio Exilm. Pretty tiny, and pretty nice. I played around with it and took some photos of knitted stuff and of the pets of course! I'll post some FO's tonight.

Still not enough snow to really go balls out skiing yet. Sigh. We'll ski this weekend, but really, we need our snow. It snowed here overnight though! Just an inch. But pretty to wake up to, so soft and light.

I've been lucky enough to go out in the field lately, do a little survey! But not today with the snow. Field work, it's why I got into archaeology in the first place. This report writing is really getting somewhat boring.

Knittage...trying to finish some Christmasy stuff. Like Cozy, which I worked on last night a lot. The scarf for Nate. Hosted my second Knit Night last night, and there were 3 of us! yay, 50% increase since the last meeting! Cool, a new knitter friend.

Oh yeah, finished my first real skein of handspun yarn too! I'm sooo proud of it in it's thick and thin way. I'll post pics tonigh.


Snow. we need more.




(positive snow thoughts, ok?)


At 2:23 PM, Blogger granola said...

you fell off earth, go boom?



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