Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas Knitting

First, comments: Elisabeth! I Loved being your SP! I'm definitely still blog stalking you!

Granola: ::poke back:: Em, a little feeling like DG about the PS thing....I still love you guys though, and plan on making a re-appearance.

So, the official Christmas gift list in an ideal world:

Mom: Lace scarf/wrap....done!
New Neice: Baby blanket...less than halfway done.
Aunt: Kitty Pi bed...not even started.
MIL: Cozy...approximately 5/8 done. Switched to knitting cool fancy scarf, approx 2/3 done.
SIL 1: One hat...done. One scarf...done.
SIL 2: One hat...done. One scarf...not started.
Step MIL: One lace scarf...done.
DH: One Backyard leaves scarf...1/18th done.

Status: 11 objects. 5 complete. 4 WIPs. 2 not started.

The baby blanket and Backyard Leaves have no chance of being done by Christmas. So, new plan of attack. Secret new scarf for DH. Baby booties or hat or something quick for new neice in the interim.

Kitty Pi, should be able to do, as well as finish the scarf for MIL, and knit scarf for SIL 2. And, if I finish Cozy, that would be a bonus!

How many non-giftie WIPs do I have?
1. Vogue knitting F05 #18 lace shawl. Still need to finish one edging.
2. Entrelac scarf in red cashmere.
3. Half a Tank Girl. yep, still have it.

A grand total of 7 WIPs. whew. Maybe this weekend I'll try to finish some.

Oh yeah, and I've been slowly spinning some Churro that a friend gave me before I even learned to knit.

Got skied last weekend. Finally! Wolf Creek. They got about 3-4 inches of new snow, and are 40% open so we went. It was excellent. But damn! My legs were SORE! Tele turns all day really made me realize how weak I am. Must stretch and exercise. Planning to go again this Sunday, they're supposed to get TONS of snow. Woot! Now if I only had a digi cam. Christmas is soon.


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