Monday, November 21, 2005

Turkey week!

I guess that means I really should start getting serious about finishing all those Christmas gift WIP's huh? Yep.

We're getting our chimmney swept today, which means I get to leave work at 1:40 pm today, yay! And I get to sing the Chim chimmney song from Mary Poppins over and over and over and over in my head....

So, no snow yet. No skiing yet. Boo. I guess Wolf Creek is open, but I'm not sacrificing my skis to the patchy base they have, and paying $30 for a crappy run or two.

Knitting...well, a little progress on the Entrelac scarf. A little progress on Cozy. A little progress on the baby blanket. Not much to report, last week was spent mostly NOT kntting.

BUT, I found out who my SP is! She sent me another amazing package, and a reveal! It was gidgettm! Thanks so very much for being the best SP I could have wanted. I can't wait to use all that Wool of the Andes!

I have also read all of the Harry Potter books now. Dang it. I was trying to wait til the last book was out, cause I knew I'd read them all in a few weeks and then be left hanging. So I held out til there were 6 of 7 books. Now I've read 6 and can't wait til 7, but have to wait. argh. But, I can see the 4th movie! Soon. soon.


At 2:23 PM, Blogger Elisabeth said...

Hi there, bestest SP in the universe! :-)I'm glad your upstream pal was very good to you, you deserve it. Is your birthday Nov. 11th? That's my husband's birthday! Too cool.
P.S. If you feel like taking a trip in June come up & see my sheep! I'd love to see you at the 16th annual Yardburn. :-)

At 10:16 AM, Blogger granola said...



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