Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Desolation Ahead!

This coming Sunday I'm headed to Desolation Canyon on the Green River for a 7 day raft trip. Should be excellent, and the 4th multiday raft trip of the season!
I've never been to Deso before, but it looks cool:

gratuitous pic from earlier San Juan trip:

Yep, I like the river. Now I just have to decide what to knit on the river. Last time it was the Kureyon felted bag. I'm thinking the new neice baby blanket....or maybe time to bring some sockage?

Knittage: em, still working on the Kukuju hat, the baby blankie, the VK #18 (still only 1/4 done with edging), and what do I do? Last night I cast on for Cozy (http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall04/PATTcozy.html)in KnitPicks Andean Silk, Sangria color. But I screwed it up right after the first pattern repeat. I think I did an extra row of purl stitches and ended up switching the RS and WS. So, time to frog.
Maybe tonight I'll get some knitty pics up.

Pet-age: Took Wilco hiking in the Bisti wilderness on Sunday:

He loved it of course! Muffin is doing well, recovering, and the kittens are really trying to shred the curtains.


At 6:06 AM, Blogger Sarah'sSecretPal said...

Sarah, your trip looks awesome! You are much, much more adventurous than I am. Glad to hear that there is good knitting progress (don't worry about cozy, it usually takes me casting on at least twice for more complicated patterns). I would really reccommend taking socks with you. They are small, can be stuffed just about anywhere, and knit up really quick (when you actually work on them!). Also very happy to hear that all pets are doing well. Hopefully your curtains will survive the kitten phase. :-) I've been busy shopping for package number two. I've got lots of ideas and I've decided you are too easy to shop for. Have a great day!

~Kate, your SP (why Kate, why not? I'm in a goofy mood this morning!)

PS- Have you gotten a card yet?? Just trying to see how long it takes....

At 7:49 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Hi Secret pal Kate (heh heh, that is my sister's name!),

Socks would be good I think...I might have to take them.

I love the river, the snow, mtns hiking, all that. Knitting is my most girly talent (oh, and cooking).

No card as of yesterday's mail, but I'll be sure to let you know! OOooohhh! Package 2- I can't wait! (I'm still enjoying package 1 though, maybe I'll bring the KPPPM socks on my trip!).


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