Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another Wednesday

Just a quick update.

Muffin is recovering, the surgery went well, apart from the hit in the wallet. This is one expensive little kitty let me tell you! What with the bringing her from England with a plane ticket that cost more than mine, various minor vet trips, and now surgery, she really needs to consider getting a part time job. I'm thinking she'd be a good at frogging, is a natural exterminator of all things insect, and can be hired out for a good purr now and then (wait this isn't kitty prostitution is it?).


The VK shawl: I finally figured out the lace edging, and the first two repeats went well, til I made an error in repeat 3, and need to rip it again. I can't figure how the lifeline is working here to get the stitches on the needle again. But, I've only done 2 repeats of 18 short rows so not a huge deal. But, I have been putting it off til I can concentrate solely on this task.

Cookie Monster: I made a scarf that I shall affectionately call Cookie Monster, though Nate said he thought Oscar the Grouch when he saw it. Em, Oscar is green and this is mostly blu-ey, so I'm going with Cookie. It was with 4 balls of Trendsetter Masai, 15 US needles, garter. Simple, two night project to knit whilst hanging out with sick kitty.

Hat-dom: Well, finished three gift hats so far, all loosely based on the SnB Hot Head pattern. Two in Tahki Stacy Charles Shannon, one light blue based, one dark green based, both for Nate's sisters for Christmas. I also made Nate his in Reynolds Harmony. Last night while sitting with Muffin I cast on with 1 skein Noro Kukuju for another (for an unknown recipient at this time).

New Neice blankie: This past weekend I also started a baby blanket for the impending arrival of my new neice! Just a simple basket weave blanket in four blocks of color in Bernat Softee Baby (since it is very washable and soft!). Am about 1/4 done with the first color.


Tons of stuff coming in now, though thank-god I only have one zucchini to currently use! Tomatoes abound, as do cucumbers, tomatillos, eggplants, and various peppers. The butternut squashes look so cute and small, and the fennel, cauliflower and parsnips are loving the slightly cooler weather lately. I eagerly anticipate the harvest of my first homegrown parsnips and fennel bulbs come first frost around the end of October!

This weekend I think I'll attempt canning of my first non-jam products ever.....

The weather is cooling down, should be 44 tonight. High less than 80 today. The leaves of the aspens in the mountains this past weekend were starting to turn gold. Soon the first snow will start to fall in the San Juans. I can't wait. Snow, skiing, crisp nights, and hat and scarf weather! I'm itching for it.


Thank you so very much for the well wishes for my kitty, SP, Amy, means a lot to me!


At 8:22 AM, Blogger Denise said...

Sorry about your kitty. I've been through a few emergencies as well. Some vets can be like exthortionists when pets are sick. They want the green up front before they do a thing. I wonder how the ederly handle that.

Sounds like you have a variety of knitting going. Enjoy your trip.


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