Monday, August 29, 2005

Zucchini cooked and 2 projects started!

That just about sums up my weekend!

I made lots more of the zucchini crusted pizza (recipe from the Moosewood cookbook), as well as a big bowl of tabbouleh, and a nice batch of zucchini and gruyere madelines (which turned out great!). I love cooking with my garden veggies!

I also finished the orange scarf for MIL's christmas present. A pretty orange scarf from Koala yarn, with a simple Feather and Fan lace pattern. On size 11 needles and thick worsted, a lace project never went faster! All blocked out, it looks really nice now. I'll post photos later this week.

I started a hat for Nate for Christmas, a simple 2x2 rib pattern in a Reynolds harmony variegated worsted in grays and browns.

I also started to work on the lace shawl pattern #18 from the Fall Vogue mag. Having some issues with it though, not really sure how this one is going. I'll have to investigate more. I'm not sure if I'm screwing up or the pattern is screwed up. Sigh.

I also wound 2 hanks of laceweight by hand from my first knitpicks order. And a skein of worsted. I really need a ball winder and swift. Time to visit ebay!

The kitties are unbelievably cute and annoying at the same time.


At 10:26 AM, Blogger Sarah'sSecretPal said...

Sounds like you had a lot of zucchini fun this weekend! The madelines sound very yummy. :-)

You also seem to have gotten a lot of knitting done! I wish I could say the same. How do you like your lace yarn from Knitpicks? I've really been wanting to place an order with them, but I've been a little hesitant since I can't actually go to the store.

Hope you are having a great day!

At 12:58 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Hi Secret Pal!

Thanks for the purpley clue!

I am very intruiged by does look a bit yarn-ey though!

Yep, lots of knitting and zucchini!

I really like the stuff I got from Knitpicks...(I ordered a bunch of stuff to send to my downstream SP too). I bought some gossamer and some alpaca cloud laceweight yarns, and the gossamer comes in really nice mixed color blends. The alpaca cloud is soft like kitten fur!

I haven't knitted with it yet though, next lace project I'm using it though! I'm thinking I'll like it! Still winding sure takes a while to wink 440 yds of laceweight by hand using a lampshade as a swift! (but Nate said I can get a swift and winder...just waiting til next month to blow the spending money budget).

Hope you have a great day, Sp o'mine!



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