Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Knitty stuff

I do realize that for a quasi-knitting blog, I haven't posted much knittage. BUT, I have taken some pics of some of my FO's as well as a blocking in progress. I'll take a few more tonight, and try to get some knittage posted here soon.

In knitting news: Finished the knitting, and blocking of my first ever foray into anything quasi-lacey. A big purple old shale stitch scarf, that is destined to have really cool bead tassels on the ends and maybe some random beads throughout. I have to do the bead stuff still, but I have them all picked out, and only one of the little beaded tassels has been chewed up by the kittens!

I am maybe about 2/3 done with a orange 'Koala' (80% wool, 12% acrylic, 8% alpaca) bulky feather and fan stitch scarf I'm knitting on US size 10 and a half needles that I started on Sunday. It is destined to be blocked, then have varying colors of autumnal ribbons woven through it before being given to step-mom-in-law for Christmas! This will be the first knitted Christmas gift of the year!

I still need to frog a ribbed thingy I was working on, frog some of the fabric selvedge stuff I was playing with, and knit up the front half of the Tank Girl tank from SnB. Then, voila, no UFO's!

Projects I want to start: Ribbed hats for Sister in laws for Christmas. Hat for hubby. Scarf for hubby. Start making squares from the fabric selvedge ends that can eventually become knitted rugs. Cool shawl/scarf knitted in KPPPM in a lace pattern with edging for MIL for Christmas. Figure out what the heck to knit for my family who live in Palm Springs for Christmas...where knitted objects invariably seem too hot, and the lacy stuff takes too long for gifites......hmmmm.

In other news, the dog chewed up a huge fake Viagra hand strengthener thing last night. Our friend who works for Pfizer left it at our house, and the dog ate it. A lot of Viagra for one neutered pooch!

Tomorrow I'll continue trying to fight the blight, with another weekly application of Neem. sigh.


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